Training Mate is an interactive training aid that allows you to create personalised workouts and track your performance against your targets. Easy to use, computer based and built on a solid software platform, Training Mate helps you achieve that extra level of athletic performance.

Whether your sport is endurance, track and field, strength and conditioning or power-based, Training Mate will take the tools and techniques your sport demands and integrate them smoothly.

All of a sudden, training just got more powerful.

Training Mate integrates with

Concept2 Indoor RowerConcept2 SkiErgANT+ Bike Cadence SensorsANT+ Bike Speed SensorsANT+ Bike Speed And Cadence SensorsANT+ Bike Power SensorsANT+ Bike Crank Torque Frequency SensorsANT+ Muscle Oxygen SensorsANT+ Speed And Distance Sensors