Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Training Mate?

Training Mate is a software application that puts you in control of your workouts.
Training Mate frees you from remembering a complicated routine while you train and allows you to concentrate on your performance.
It enables you to tailor any number of workout routines that you need, while targeting your particular areas for development.
You build your routines around the equipment available to you, and your specific training needs.
When you exercise, your routine plays out in front of you, working through each step in turn.

How does it work?

The software has 3 separate sections:
In the Library Editor, you create the components of your workouts, and build them up into complete routines.
The components include equipment, targets and steps.
In the Workout Player, which you use while training, you play back a routine and track your performance as you train (with optional plugins).
In the Results Manager, enhance your raw performance data with environmental factors, and compare performances over time to gauge your improvement.

It takes too long to put a routine together. Is there a shortcut?

Training Mate makes it easy to share routines with your friends, team mates and coaches.
Use the Import buttons to load up whole routines, or just the parts you are interested in.
Once in your library, tweak the new components to fit your needs perfectly.

Can I get the Training Mate app on my mobile device?

Currently the software can be run on Windows and Macintosh machines.
In future we will look at the viability of running the software on handheld devices.

I have workout programs on my gym equipment already. Why do I need Training Mate?

Some people will be happy with the preset programs available on their equipment.
However as you improve you may discover that you need to go futher than the preset programmes allow.
In addition, a treadmill or rowing machine won't track your cardio or resistance routines.
Training Mate works for any workout, giving you a single place to manage your training.
Of course, you can always add your equipment program into your Training Mate workout!

I don't have any gym equipment. Can I still use Training Mate?

Yes you can! There are many exercises that do not require any equipment at all, such as press-ups, shuttle runs and stretches.
All you need to do is concentrate on getting your routines designed to drive your performance improvements.

Why should I register on the site?

Registration is free, and only requires you to have an active email address.
Once you are registered, and you have filled in your account details, we can keep you up to date with relevant information.
It also means that you can help to influence the creation of new features in future versions.

What do I get with the free license?

The free license gives you 30 days to try out the software.
All of the Training Mate features are available to you - nothing is taken away.
We would encourage you to start with a trial - that way you can decide whether Training Mate is right for you without paying.

What do I get with a full license? Will I have to pay again for updates?

The full license allows you to continue using the software once your trial is over.
We will make updates available from time to time which will include bug fixes and new features.
New features will usually require a license upgrade, but we will only charge the incremental cost for this.

Why are plugin licenses separate to the main application license?

Developing plugins requires a significant amount of work, but they are not relevant to all users.
So we do not include that cost in Training Mate itself, but instead charge an additional amount for the specific functionality offered by the plugin.

My trial license has expired. How do I obtain a full license?

Simply re-visit the download page, and select the appropriate full license link.
If the software has been updated since you downloaded your trial version, we would recommend that you also download and install the updated version.
The next time you start Training Mate, enter your new license key when prompted.

I have not registered, but need to check my licenses. What do I do?

We keep a record of the licenses sent to your email address.
All you need to do is register with the same email address, completing the registration information, and verify your registration.
Once the account is verified, you will be able to sign in and access your stored information, including license details.

There's no OK button!! What do I do after I have built an exercise or workout?

Just click on the button for whatever you want to do next. Add another, switch to a different view, it doen't matter.
Your changes will be saved, and if there is a problem, Training Mate will let you know.