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Get ready for winter with the latest Training Mate software

14 September 2011

Get ready for winter with the latest Training Mate software

With the summer nearly over in the northern hemisphere, get the newest version of Training Mate to kick start your winter training. Version 1.2.0 is now available for download and includes some great enhancements to make your training routines even better than ever!

We have worked hard to give you more control over your steps, and now you can use a target, a stopwatch or the familiar fixed length controller. What is more, you can still mix the steps in a workout regardless of the controller used.
Using a target level (for example a distance) to stop at will really enhance simulated course routines.
Using a stopwatch allows you the freedom to complete a step in a variable time - perfect for improving personal bests!

You can see a complete list of changes here

We have also added a toolbar which really helps with building up your routines, and we will continue to make Training Mate easier to use. Please do keep sending us your feedback for the features and improvements that you want to see!
The next planned version will make Training Mate the all-round interactive fitness software program with the logging and retrieval of performance results, allowing you to review your performances over time.