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Training Mate 2.0.0 adds sophistication to your training

26 January 2012

Training Mate 2.0.0 adds sophistication to your training

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of Training Mate is ready for you to download. This new version brings some big changes to the way that the software works, making it easier to use than ever before.

The big change is that your performance results are now stored for you as you train, giving you complete log of all your training in a single place.

We have also changed the way that you manage your routines. Your library is now stored within Training Mate rather than being spread across many files, and you can easily transfer to and from it.

Improvements have also been made to the step targets: you can now specify a "less than", "equal to" or "greater than" condition to your targets. In previous versions targets were implicitly "equal to".

You can see a complete list of changes here