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Exciting news for rowers

22 June 2012

Exciting news for rowers

We are really excited to tell you that we have released our Concept2 Indoor Rower plugin. This plugin allows Training Mate to interact with your PM3 or PM4 monitor and capture your performance as you row.

It makes 13 different performance metrics available to you to use in your step targets, giving you all the information you need about how you are rowing.

Not only that, but you can also set distance and number of calorie step lengths, so that you can row set length pieces and time trials or weight loss steps, as well as the usual timed steps.

This plugin will really transform the way that indoor rowers can use Training Mate, and bring the full interactivity of the software to life.

You'll need Training Mate Version 2.1.0 to use the plugin so make sure you are up to date.

Have a look at the plugins page and the rowing page for further information.