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From novice first-timers to club level and elite performers, athletes everywhere turn to Training Mate for a level of precision and detail which transforms their training results.

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Training Mate's computer-based software is used by athletes across all sports and disciplines. It's just as useful to endurance runners as it is to power athletes, team sports players or strength trainees.

Training Mate makes your training more efficient, more transparent and more measurable. No more guessing. No trial and error. Training Mate helps you understand exactly what works for you, and what doesn't, so you can focus your time and energy on the important stuff.

It doesn't matter what sport you do, what event you're training for or what training technique you use. Training Mate adapts to you, helping you measure your performance, scrutinise your progress and plan effectively for the weeks, months and seasons ahead.

Check out the specific sport pages to see how Training Mate aids those athletes.