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Mac OS X installation fixed!

November 19, 2015

Mac OS X installation fixed!

We are happy to be able to tell you that the new Training Mate download will install on the newest versions of OS X. Read on for details of what to do and how to get a fresh 30-day trial license.

We have completely rebuilt the way Training Mate is installed which means it should be easier to get started.

Note that due to restrictions beyond our control, we can only support 64-bit Mac OS X systems from this update. Windows platforms are unaffected by this change.

There are also new versions of the Concept2 Indoor Rower and SkiErg plugins that you will need for this update, as well as some bug fixes.

You should download and install the new version from the download page, following the instructions there.

Because of this break in service, we have enabled you to re-start your Training Mate trial.

To re-start your free 30-day trial, click on this link and fill in your details. We will match your email address against our records and re-issue any trial licenses that you have previously requested.

Of course you can add request other plugin trial licenses at any time.

As ever your feedback is important to us, so please do keep your comments coming.