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Force Curve and new targets for Rower and SkiErg

February 22, 2013

Force Curve and new targets for Rower and SkiErg

Just released, our latest version of the Concept2 Rower and Skierg plugins have been enhanced with 3 new targets and a new Force Curve display...Read on for all the details

We have added Stroke Count, Distance per Stroke and Stroke Power Index (Watts per Stroke) targets to your Rower and SkiErg plugins. The Stroke Count target can also be used to control a step, should you want to row for a particular number of strokes.

You can now also define your ideal Force Curve shape and monitor your output against it as you row. Just click on the new graph tab on the plugin window to see this in action.

The accompanying documentation has also been updated to tell you how the new features work, so we would recommend that you spend a few minutes to familiarise yourself.

It's simple to update - just select Tools>Plugins, choose the plugin line and click Update Plugin. You might need to restart Training Mate after updating. Your current license will work with this new version provided it hasn't expired.