Set your goals and exceed your limits

Training Mate Interactive Fitness Software

Training Mate is an interactive training aid that allows you to create personalised workouts and track your performance against your targets. Easy to use, computer based and built on a solid software platform, Training Mate helps you achieve that extra level of athletic performance.

Whether your sport is endurance, track and field, strength and conditioning or power-based, Training Mate will take the tools and techniques your sport demands and integrate them smoothly.

All of a sudden, training just got more powerful.

Training Mate integrates with

Concept2 Indoor RowerConcept2 SkiErgANT+ Bike Cadence SensorsANT+ Bike Speed SensorsANT+ Bike Speed And Cadence SensorsANT+ Bike Power SensorsANT+ Bike Crank Torque Frequency SensorsANT+ Muscle Oxygen SensorsANT+ Speed And Distance Sensors