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Integrate and measure your fitness training programme

An intuitive interactive training aid, Training Mate integrates your existing training techniques, measuring tools and goals in one easy-to-use computer software package.

What can Training Mate do for you?

  • Set.... your goals
  • Measure... your training
  • Track... your progress

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Training Mate is the future of computer based training and performance software for athletes and advanced trainees. The choice of professional athletes across endurance, power and strength sports, elite and club level athletes and their coaches, and savvy gym-goers and weekend-warriors, Training Mate is making a difference to the way athletes train.

Progress further and perform better with Training Mate.

The team behind Training Mate know you need to get the most out of every minute of training. You can't claim back lost time in sport. Training counts, and each session matters.

That's why Training Mate has been designed to help you measure accurately, progress visibly and perform optimally.

How can Training Mate help you?

It works for any sport and athletes at any level

Whether you are an elite athlete, a club athlete or simply a fitness enthusiast, Training Mate can help you achieve your ambitions.

It makes no assumption about how you want to train or the targets you have for your performance, instead Training Mate allows you to develop the training programmes that really work for you.

It works with the equipment you have

From complex resistance equipment to the most basic gym kit, Training Mate works with it all.

Most equipment is pre-loaded for you, what Training Mate doesn't have you can quickly and easily add yourself.

It tracks your performance as you train

Using specially designed plugins you can capture your performance as you train, saving you the hassle of logging your performance data later on.

Training Mate can even communicate with your equipment to give you the ultimate in interactive training sessions.