Connect to your ANT+™ sensor

and give your training a boost


Training Mate works with these sensors:

Heart RateMuscle Oxygen
Bike SpeedBike CadenceBike Speed And Cadence
Bike PowerBike Power CTF
Speed And Distance

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Training Mate can wirelessly connect to a wide variety of activity sensors to give you real-time performance measurement as you train using our family of ANT+ plugins.

What's more, because we are using ANT+ technology, it works with sensors from many different manufacturers.

New types of sensor are being added all the time, and we will create plugins for them where possible.

What is ANT+ ?

ANT+ is an ecosystem of interconnected devices that communicate wirelessly.

For more information visit What is ANT+.

Who makes ANT+ sensors?

Many of the worlds leading manufacturers use ANT+ technology for their sensors.

Check out the ANT+ Product Directory to see the full range of possibilities.

How do I know if my sensor is compatible with ANT+

Your sensor should be marked with the ANT+ logo if it has been certified as ANT+ compatible. Look for this on the sensor itself or its packaging.

You can also consult for compatible products.

You should also check the information provided with the sensor for information about ANT+ and which specific device profiles the sensor is compatible with.

And there is no harm in simply trying it out, with our free 30 day evaluation licenses available for all of the Training Mate plugins!

Which plugin should I use?

You simply need to match the ANT+ device logo on your sensor to the ANT+ logo on the Training Mate plugin.

Each device communicates in its own particular way so it is important that you choose the correct plugin for your sensor.

Bike Speed or Bike Cadence or Bike Speed And Cadence?

We've covered all possibilities, so check the information that came with your sensor (and the logos) to be sure you choose the correct plugins.

Bike Cadence and Bike Speed plugins are for single channel sensors or a dual-channel combined sensor.

Bike Speed And Cadence is for a single-channel combined sensor.

If in doubt you can also check the ANT+ Product Directory.

Do I need anything else?

Yes. You will need an ANTUSB2 stick, which you will need to have connected to your computer while you are using Training Mate.

Without this Training Mate cannot communicate with your sensor, and you will not see your real-time performance while you train.

How do I connect to my sensor?

Just make sure your sensor is active and Training Mate will do the rest.

When Training Mate starts the plugin, it will search for your sensor right away.

You can always connect later on if that is more convenient.

How do I track my performance?

Each of the plugins gives you a number of targets in your library that you can use in your steps.

And because they are coming from a plugin, the data for each target you use will be tracked while you train.

So simply add target levels in your steps for the target(s) of your choice.

How do get the plugin?

Add the plugins of your choice from within Training Mate itself.

Click on the LINK button and select the ANT+ category, then scroll through the available plugins until you find the one you need, and click Install.

You will also need to grab yourself a license from this page.

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